Sunday, July 10, 2016


I had been wanting to try mosaics in the garden after visiting Guell Park in Barcelona. Nothing like starting with a grand plan!!
And I have been saving broken china plates etc for a while, so when this introductory course popped up on Cudo ( even though it was in Oakleigh I decided to take it up.
The class is a regular one run by Debbie from Purple Dog lead light and mosaics ( but she has 3-4 introductory people each week.
It was a challenge to get to Oakleigh on a pouring rain Thursday night, travelling wiht the peak hour traffic : but I arrived in time and joined a very pleasant group of people.
Deb said that in the 3 hours we would only have the time to do a small tile doing all the steps as well as grouting, and I already decided to try a house number.
She provided all the materials and we had notes to take home.
A simple start Glass tiles 
After the number. laying small pieces as the fill
The white looking tile in 7 is actually gold and green
Mixing the grout
Used a grey shade 
Then just cleaning it off 

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