Sunday, July 24, 2016

July 66 Reunion

It's a bit hard to do justice to the great 3 days we had.
The weather was great!! Windy on 1st day (that's an understatement) but comfortable.
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We started with drinks at Bis and Gerard's apartment in Salamanca square looking over the Square.
Groups reformed all evening
Denise and Chris Long time no see for many of us!
Paul had  set up a slide show of old photos
Jill and Chris. Many had not seen Chris (W.A.) for many years 
A sudden huddle 
Great weather!
Next day some of us met for a stroll around the Salamanca markets.  We actually crossed paths with most of the group through the morning 
Bis Ray and Paula
self and Gerard
Robyn and Marcia
Then on Saturday Night we had dinner at the Queen Mary Club behind a plain green door with no sign! Shades of Shakin Stevens!
The room looked lovely and we had  delicious meal and drinks
After dessert we did a Skype call to Hilary in New Hampshire, and she spoke to many who had not seen her since graduation.
The dinner table setting
Our graduation pic was the placemats! I'm 2nd L front row
Note the perfect hem length! 

The guys all know each other from years ago
Skype call to Hil
The old gang's all here!

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