Friday, February 10, 2017

Newton's Law

I just started watching Newton's Law with Claudia Kavan (what a great actress!) and as they drove away from the Magistrates court I was thinking it was filmed in Sydney.
Then I recognised this street  The same one where I ran over the unmarked planter. In fact its that corner 

 Then the car traveled on a weird route. This is crossing Victoria St Seddon and the side street it goes down with the Bulldogs painting is hardly a direct route  But all artistic license.
I posted a pic of this in my blog on the community build up to the Doggies Grand final  

The after a bit of interiors I thought, "That's Altona Beach!" And this is the Community gallery!
While the show series is well worth watching, spot the neighbourhood/ venue will be fun!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Women kicking goals? I'd like to see that.

At Ethnic dinner in December I suggested we might like to support the Womens AFL launch. Not everyone was enthusiastic but Sue and Wendy agreed to come.
I kept track of the planning and noted the change of venue due to expected crowds As we know even that was not enough as they and 1000 people locked out.
Surprisingly it was free and you just had to rock up. Gate spend at 530.
Wendy Sue and I having celebratory 'cordial'
 As you can see we there early and had the pick of seats. Resettled in the shade (it was 26degrees) and about 2/3 way to goal. Unfortunately a lot of the game happened on the other side of the field but we could still see the action

The crowd was fantastic! all joining in the countdown, and cheering everything, gasping, ouching, and of course offering advice. The people next to us were the family of Nat Exon Carlton Midfielder who did well with possessions so they were very happy. There were a lot of young girls there as well as Club fans supporting their AFL Team.
Banners and Cheer squads 

smoke flares
Star of the Game was Darcy Vescio who kicked 4 goals
I watched the Bulldogs and Freo. Game at Whitten Oval on Channel 7, and enjoyed Doggies win! Might catch a few more games and see where the Grand final is I think it will need a big stadium! The finals will just be the top 2 teams No semi finals 

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