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The Venue was the Stamford Grand. Met a few people who had booked in to the Stamford in Adelaide! but were able to change. My hotel the Oaks Plaza was advertised as a 6 minute walk That would be a 6 minute walk while stopping very 2nd step. It took about 4 minutes door to door including lifts and stairs  So very handy.  I did not get a sea view though, but the rooms look out over a playing field and palms so still pleasant.  The Conference was good with mainly Workshops format with the international speakers, and the concurrent sessions not going against any of the big names. So well organised. I was on first on the first day of Concurrent sessions after morning tea, and I presented Taking The Plunge:Starting an infant mental heath nursing consultation Service. I had a good crowd and interest So can't ask for more! There was also a poster of the feeding study I am in. Didn't know they were doing that. Not my authorship though just a referrer of participants   Conference dinne…


I have just been in Adelaide for 5 days for the Aust Assoc Infant Mental Health National Conference held in Glenelg a beach suburb. Had visions of some walks along the shore, fish and chips on a sunny beach or balcony, that was until I saw the forecast. Luckily I took long sleeve and woolies.
I flew over early wednesday morning flight at 6am so 41:5 rising!! No later flight except, too late so arrived in Adelaide with time change at 645am; had to be at the venue 20 minutes away at 9am. So after I realised Jet Star do not feed you! I needed sustenance. So I spent some time with coffee and a "egg and bacon muffin" I was excepting a muffin with bacon mixed in. It was actually an english muffin with an egg and bacon. A bit limp but the coffee was good (they have risen to meet the coffee snobs of Melbourne)

I met a fellow participant so we shared a car to the venue on South Terrace and killed some time walking around the garden.

The first Workshop was called Getting on the floor:…

Spring Weather

As all Melbournites know, if you don't like the weather you just wait 5 minutes And nothing could be truer than the last few days.
Early in the week it was lovely and balmy, then Thursday was hot 29 degrees and a taste of spring summer to come.
 Today however it is 9 degrees at 3pm and so cold and rainy, that most of the yacht club stayed indoors under the new heaters! And this was Sailing Open Day.
So instead of the poor weather I am posting my spring flowers on a  more cheerful note!