Sunday, October 14, 2012


I have just been in Adelaide for 5 days for the Aust Assoc Infant Mental Health National Conference held in Glenelg a beach suburb. Had visions of some walks along the shore, fish and chips on a sunny beach or balcony, that was until I saw the forecast. Luckily I took long sleeve and woolies.
View of a cold 13 degree day from the stairs at the conference Hotel
My Hotel looking deceptively bright but blowing a freezing gale!
An improvement on Saturday 
I flew over early wednesday morning flight at 6am so 41:5 rising!! No later flight except, too late so arrived in Adelaide with time change at 645am; had to be at the venue 20 minutes away at 9am. So after I realised Jet Star do not feed you! I needed sustenance. So I spent some time with coffee and a "egg and bacon muffin" I was excepting a muffin with bacon mixed in. It was actually an english muffin with an egg and bacon. A bit limp but the coffee was good (they have risen to meet the coffee snobs of Melbourne)

I met a fellow participant so we shared a car to the venue on South Terrace and killed some time walking around the garden.
The Pavilion, Venue  in The Veale Gardens 
Strolled through the beautiful Rose garden 
Lots of ducks & ducklings I was trying to take a photo like the one below when they all got up and headed towards me 

The first Workshop was called Getting on the floor: Mother and infant Psychotherapy by Dr Amanda Jones from UK. It was not really about engaging with the baby at all, in fact talking to but not handling the baby. However the cases she deals with are all appalling and I am glad i am not in that field. She is a great presenter though so lots of thoughtful ideas and things to contemplate. Well worth the early rise. Luckily I did not get caught like Megan and Campbell did the next day. Their 7am flight was delayed and hour and a half!! and they arrive din the middle of the first presentation atht Campbell was to chair!
I was back in Glenelg by 445pm and met Jo at the hotel. She was down in Adelaide to do come parental caring and needed a break! She came with me to register and had a few drinks at the Reception then we had dinner.
I realised when she left in the morning (or rather I left for the conference) that I hadn't taken a photo But here is one. She doesn't look much different. I have let my hair go .
We had a great evening of catch up and endless chat, comparing family notes, and she even gave me a professional foot massage for my plantar fasciaitis, my left foot becoming a major problem!

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Celia said...

A huge day Mich and sounds like it was truly worthwhile.
I hadn't realized you were catching up with Jo. What a treat! I gather her parent/s need some support.

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