Saturday, October 6, 2012

Spring Weather

As all Melbournites know, if you don't like the weather you just wait 5 minutes And nothing could be truer than the last few days.
Early in the week it was lovely and balmy, then Thursday was hot 29 degrees and a taste of spring summer to come.
 Today however it is 9 degrees at 3pm and so cold and rainy, that most of the yacht club stayed indoors under the new heaters! And this was Sailing Open Day.
So instead of the poor weather I am posting my spring flowers on a  more cheerful note!
The lovely mass of Yellow Banksia Rose next to the car port

Duchesse de Brabant at the gate
White Banksia Rose outside living room window
Now this is a new one and I don't know it's name, but is is abundant, while being sketchy last year. I think it came in a pot from Maddy's and has self seeded. Although it looks yellow here it is really green / yellow It is off the decking by the garden path
Species Gladioli coming up everywhere

Nasturtiums self seeded from the hanging basket
More Gladioli
Beautiful Apple Blossom

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Annie said...

I think your green yellow plant is a form of euphorbia. There are many different types. Even though you are close to us, you are just a bit ahead with the weather. No roses here yet, but so so close. Just need a few sunshiny days to bring them out

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