Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grand Final Day.

While I had planned to be at the Club to watch the grand Final after a fun sail at 1130am. I did not connect the entry in my diary of the AAIMH Seminar from 930-1230. So I arrived late at the club.
The Seminar was Proff Loiuse Newman AO talking about her work with refugees but her subject was Children in Detention. A total contravention of Human Rights that Australian Government just ignores. It was a depressing morning though brilliant presentation. Saddened by the fact that when she presented a year ago things have not really changed, The message now is not to send women & children and UAMs (unaccompanied adolescent minors) to Christmas Island where there is no mental health services to be provided

After this low point the Grand Final seemed a major contrast.
There was no sail fun or otherwise due to a terrible forecast of 14 degrees and wind.
The afternoon got off to a flying start with a front hitting about 130 with an initial gust of 45-50 knots.
This showed why boat trailers should be tied to the deck! Not just the boat to the trailer.
The red boat to the right was round the other way 
 We watched  the boat as it, seemingly in slow motion, lifted and settled, then lifted and slowly turned on its side. If it had not been tied to the trailer it would have cartwheeled onto the beach / ? road. The red one just shuffled forward and around.
As quickly as the wind came it stopped. After the rain and wind, the day settled to sunny / over cast and cold, but a reasonable day for the crowd at the MCG
The small crowd enjoying our new TV
 A Great Game of footy and Cheers to the Swans!
A great view of the weather fronts going by!

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