Saturday, July 2, 2016

Out with the old sadly

It was a sad day during my holiday (last day in Budapest) to find that the faltering actions of my Lumix camera (birthday present from Celia in 2008) succumbed and refused to open (or if open, close) So relied on my iPhone for rest of trip.
On return home when recounting this to Andrew & Kate  he said why bother getting a new one when I had iPhone camera. Kate said "Well some people want to take photos, not just say that'll do and snap "
So I planned to buy one duty free when I go to US in December, with my $5 savings cache (very healthy) but then thought I'd check with Inner West Buy Swap and Sell. There were quite a few cameras, but mainly SLR, then I saw a digital Canon SX 170 IS. An almost new one with all the bits, and in Seddon to pick up. Thought it might have been offered a few weeks ago and already gone, but it had only been up an hour. So I bought it.
And tried it out today while walking Spencer along Altona Beach
Sun, sand and Grass
Hard to imagine we sat in car for 10 minutes with rain!
Storm gone overhead

The zoom is good! They are at far side of above Pic.

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Cecilia Meehan said...

They look great Mich anf a great find on the swap and buy spot :)

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