Friday, November 29, 2013

The Umbrella

Yesterday after a morning of painting and gardening, (his, not mine) Dylan and I went for a walk.
The weather was typical Melbourne, forecast 29 degrees with a change in afternoon.
But as we headed out it looked as if the change was on its way so we decided to take an umbrella. As Dylan was carrying his teddy (a latest necessity) and a helicopter I talked him out of taking his umbrella as well, as I knew I would end up carrying it. (How mean! I can hear you say!)
You can see the helicopter in his L hand.  The boots are Octonauts!
We were heading home when it started to spit. He was happy for me to hold it over him and me, but after a while (fortunately the drops had abated) he wanted to carry it.
A fine twirling while walking!
So he happily strolled along twirling it on its side then over to the other side, getting a fright when the breeze picked it up, then hidden under it completely.

The breeze got it here!
I was also brought up by the power of children's speech development and the grasp of concepts .
As we got to Mt Dandenong Road, (4 lanes, a plantation and 3 more) I held out my hand and he swapped Teddy to his other hand and took my hand.
After pressing the Lights' button he peered out at the traffic and turned and said "Busy Road!"
Then when we crossed to the middle plantation and ignored the concrete path and followed one worn in the grass, he said "Oh! short cut"

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Celia said...

he looks like Christopher Robin going "tut tut it looks like rain"
Love it. You have to get some of them enlarged and framed.The colours are great.

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