Monday, October 27, 2008

Returning home

I saw Celia off to Melbourne the morning after we left Kyoto and Takumi. Little did I know I would be leaving as well in 48hours. I was on the phone to my brother Andrew when Celia arrived in Melbourne on Tuesday, at the hospital to see Maddy. She was too unwell for Andrew to take her home as planned, so we decided to transfer her to a Hospice, Bethlehem. I started organising to vacate my apartment and change my flight and get home. Qantas were very unhelpful, next seat available was 21st October (this was the 7th), but the family in Melbourne got on to it and rang me at 6am to say they had a flight with JAL on Friday , giving me 48 hours to close the apartment and move out.
I moved into a hotel on Wednesday night, and was there when I heard Maddy had passed away quietly with everyone else there. As my flight was not till 9.30pm Thursday I had a last day in Tokyo.
As I had to be up early to get the Utilities disconnected etc I ended up on the train at peak hour. This train is just arriving (I had not got on the one 2 minutes before). There are guards spaced at every 2nd carriage, all along the platform, and as well as pushing people in their job is to be sure the platform is clear for the train's arrival as well as when it is ready to leave. While I waited crushed in the carriage 4 people appeared at the door, faced out and just stepped back in pushing off with a foot on the platform. And we all squished back a bit more!

I had been to Japan with Maddy in 1986, so I spent the day doing things she would have enjoyed
I went to one of my favourite gardens that has a formal garden with rose beds, as well as a Japanese garden. I had seen the roses in full bloom when I was there at end of May, and this was the start of the Autumn bloom.
In the garden the Teahouse was open, so I sat on the tatami looking out over the soft green colours sipping O-Cha and eating small autumn theme O-kashi(sweets) served by a kimono clad woman.


Brian said...

I'm sorry for your loss. It's really great that you spent a day doing things your Maddy would have enjoyed.

"See Me"... said...

Your blog entry is a great tribute to the end of the trip and dealing with the difficulties of your return to Melbourne.
Are the 60 days up yet?
Love Celia

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