Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am now down at Aireys Inlet feeling more peaceful.
It was great to have all the family there for the funeral, and for Nick and Kate to meet their 'cousins' Daniel and Rhiannon. They hit it off immediately, and maybe will spend some of this summer together here at Aireys. There was also a great evening at the Beauy (Beaumaris) Pub, with childhood neighbours. The girls from next door, one from up the hill, and one from over the road! We spent a riotous evening, helping draw up a map of the 4 local streets and all who lived there (including the dogs) we calculated if we were all out playing together there would have been 26 kids out and about, all returning home when the Meehan dinner bell rang!
Celia and I spent some time cleaning out years' collections of Maddy's junk, mainly just the paper, jars, bags and rafia. Celia is a cleaner of the 1st order so we got into the kitchen cupboard with energy to burn. Although Maddy hoarded everything it was a treat to come across our primary school reports and Andrew and Rick's early Art work! All her other collections are of wonderful art and pottery as well as beautiful dishes and books.
Spencer was very happy to see me and has remained clamped to my side. I am also minding Sponty, Wendy's dog while she is in India. He is getting on in years, and spends a lot of the time sleeping if we are not doing something.
I am getting Spencer's coat clipped today as he is looking a bit like a black sheep; it has also been warm this week and he must be hot.

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