Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beach walk and Halloween

It was a lovely morning so I headed off for a walk along the Cliff and to the beach. Both Spencer and Sponty seemed taken with the idea as well! I had them on separate leads as Spencer does not know the meaning of 'heel' until you have been drilling him for half the walk. Sponty, on the other hand is a dream, I kept checking the lead, as it was so light, to be sure he hadn't gone! However once off the road Sponty stays on the lead as he NEVER comes when called, and is not too keen on getting wet either.
On the cliff walk they both enjoyed the bush in their own way, Spencer disappearing into the ti-tree and Sponty stopping to sniff everything. But once we hit the beach (the only people there) Spencer was off into the water while Sponty happily walked on the lead, sniffing at the many parts of a dead gull strewn along the beach. At least he didn't roll in it!
The kids next door (~3 and 7) were calling hello as I came back, and the boy had on a Halloween mask done beautifully in orange paper and cellophane eyes. I said " Oh, a Halloween mask" His mum said "yes, but I don't know when or what it is." I told her it was October 31st, the evening before All Hallows (Saints) Day. But why the masks, costume, trick or treat I had no idea! But the kids said they would come knocking, the little girl said she was coming as a Fairy witch, so I realise I had better get something in; not an event I have ever been involved in before! Must get their names!

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