Friday, October 31, 2008

Days at Aireys

The weather has been lovely even with some heavy rain on Wednesday night. In front of the house on the corner two Sulphur crested cockatoos have taken up residence, scratching and clearing the ground in front. They are there every time I walk past and are not bothered by the dogs , who admittedly just look, and don't try and chase them. The photo looks like they are in a cage , but it is the fence behind them. The trees in the house have shot up The self seeded wattles in the front have really created a new look to the front. I am working on keeping alive the small natives I planted in May rather than plant anything new as yet But the drought has certainly made the trees look thinner especially the wattle out the back, or maybe it's just getting old like we all are!


Mama Wheaton said...

Your view is beautiful and your walks sound like heaven. My walks with my 3 dogs, 5 kids and husband would never get close to sounding or being that peaceful. So I will close my eyes and enjoy yours.

"See Me"... said...

Hi Mich,
It seems that others visit along the way.
Lovely the cockies!

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