Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Seminar

The planned Seminar Anne and I were conducting started off with my driving to North Melbourne station to get the train to Flinders Street Station.
As is my wont, now Dynon road is navigable again I turned up Childers St to go through the old Tip Top Bakery site, now a small industry estate, that cuts out a lot of traffic!
I arrived at the open gates with no other car in sight and came across a women lying on the ground with her bike!! I was relieved, as I pulled up, when she rolled over and sat up but crying +++
She was not badly hurt but said a car had hit her, stopped, then drove off. After checking she could move she sat in my car while I rang the police.
 (a few cyclists stopped, I am sure thinking I had hit her! )  She was distraught and shocked, but gradually calmed down and initially said she didn't see the car, if just drove off.
She had really nasty bruises, lumps  and scratches on both shins and was rubbing her lower back so I asked for ambulance as well.
Then the 000 operator was asking questions  (took almost 5 minutes for her to get where we were) (I thought "she just said she didn't notice the car"!)
What sort of car?
A Ute ......with a trailer.
Did you notice the colour?
Did she see the driver ?
Was he Caucasian?
Yes caucasian mid 30s blond hair!
Did he stop or speak?
yes He called out 'You're OK?' and you know I live just there ! (she pointed to a few houses nearby)
Wow (said the 000 operator!)
Yes she said I saw him pull out as I rode past then he swerved past me as I slowed for the road hump, and his trailer knocked my bike over!
The ambulance arrived in 5 minutes  and I left her with them.
Wow is he in big trouble!!!!
Our name is the 2nd entry
I then got my train OK and arrived at the Hotel in Flinders street in time to help set up. 
The day went off really well with great feedback for us and also about the food and venue.
Lovely windows
The Hotel The Rendevous built in 1913 (can't find its original name) , is meticulously restored in the elegant style of the early 1900s and is on the Historic register.
Our attendees said how lovely it was, and felt quite indulgent, and the food was great!!! Usually the one thing they complain about.

Outside our room the morning tea venue!
They were putting the tree up in the foyer when we arrived visible from our balcony!
The door and stairs
Light windows and ceiling above the lifts

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