Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Very hungry caterpillar

Maybe because he is growing and doing so much new every day, that Eric Carle may have meant Dylan when he wrote his book.
Yesterday Dylan ate

  • 2 weet bix (I didn't realise he has started to have  4!!)
  • lots of milk ('More Milk!)
  • one banana
  • Toast with Vegemite and peanut butter (half and half)
  •  More toast! ( a 2nd piece)
Then 10am
These were offered at intervals as each alone was not enough.
  • 2 brown rice crackers,
  • one cheese stick
  • one kiwi fruit
Then Lunch at 1130 (he had been nagging me for 30mins "Unch Unch!)
  • whole (big) bread roll
  • 2 slices cheese 
  • 2 slices ham
  • 1 tub Yoghurt
  • cheese cube thing
Then 3pm
  • one apple
  • 4 sakatas
  • 2 handfuls of sultanas
  • a rice cake with peanut butter 
then 5pm
  • one kiwifruit
  • 2 rice crackers
  • Talked him out of an orange because it was 5pm but gave him
  • a cheese cube 
Reportedly at dinner he ate
  • huge bowl of ? Spag Bolognese and asked for more!
How did I know he wanted all this ?

'Mich! I Sooo hungy!  Snack!" at hourly intervals. Even an hour after breakfast!
Maybe it was the walk to the park and the tractor ride that set him up.

He got up and down easily
and it was quite high!

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