Friday, September 30, 2016

A Day with Dylan

I had originally asked Dylan if he would like to come and stay at my place for a few nights in the Holidays
He was very enthusiastic, until Bridie was packing his stuff to come yesterday. He has not actually had a sleep over before, so the idea was great, just not the reality
So we started off with a day here.
He was a bit fragile as we drove off, but picked up when he spotted the ferris wheel at Docklands (knew it was the Show that he had seen last week )as we went over the Bolte Bridge, then the sights over the Westgate.
We started the day down at Altona beach that he really wanted.
As you can see it was a lovely day
tentatively trying the water  
Collecting some shells
We were discussing the source of the hole.

The rocks
 Again reality was not the same. The water was cold, the sand felt funny on his feet but I pushed on and we walked to the breakwater and he climbed the rocks and declared it was 'Awesome" and the "best day of my whole life"  
he was looking for fish 

he didn't need any help
Good balance 
'I'm near the deep water"

mid jump
landed safely 
why walk the path when there's a wall!

chocolate ice-cream!
Then walking out on the pier 
Then using his Ninja bow he got at the show. Arrows stick to the glass!
My bow's a bit big But he has an arrow in it 
We finished off the day with taking Spencer of a walk and stopped in local playground
He watched some films on iPad and then did some craft and colouring in (preferred that to paint)
then we went home for tea.

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Cecilia Meehan said...

Yep reality struck! Love the crouching down and kneeling nd peering shots, such little boy shots. Love em all really.

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