Monday, April 25, 2011

Surf's up!

The high Easter tides made it hard to find a beach to go for a walk!
Gerry was staying out at Deans Marsh and rang to say she was taking the dogs for a run on the beach at Lorne and to meet her there. I stopped at one near the Deans Marsh roundabout as the ones closer to Lorne were all covered with water.
Not much walking space!
The sea was rough with high waves (a record time for the Bells Beach Surf Classic) and mist and spray all filling the air along the Great Ocean Road.
Spencer and Zac in the grass
I prudently brought my clogs to change out of my lovely red leather boots and rolled up my jeans. A good plan, as we were walking along wet sand with the waves 50 meters out when suddenly we were ankle deep in water. Needless to say Spencer had a lovely time!
I then followed Gerry back to the cottage they were staying at out of Deans Marsh. 
A lovely drive back through the hills of trees. The cottage (house) was at Blake’s’ Winery and I had met the owners when they were at the Aireys Market that morning!
The vines
I picked some lemons and limes while there and we had a lovely meal and chat as we listened to Richmond in a very tight win to North Melbourne. I gather Wendy missed it!!!
On the drive home I stopped at an accident where a car had gone off the edge of the road down into the trees. No one hurt and there were two other vehicles there, but they needed a tow rope which I didn’t have so I went on.
It was reminiscent of the same happening with Celia, Maddy and me years ago with Ern and Coral. Ern was driving too close to the edge in similar forest area and the car went over the soft edge and down into the gully We had a 4 wheeldrive come by a few minutes later and they were thrilled to be able to use their winch!!  As the wife said no need to thank them they were having the time of their life getting to use the winch and 4WD!

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