Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anzac day Holiday

Made the most of the new flat screen TV to watch the Anzac Day programs and the Big Game.
Collingwood's win over Essendon by 30 points sounds less than thrilling but the win was only on the last quarter so very exciting! The round score of 100 was with a goal kicked after the siren. Just to rub it in!

I went for a walk when the sun came out and found the hakea tree at then end of the road is in bloom.
It is a fascinating blossom, even the seeds look good!
I usually walk along this beach, and around the point
There have been king tides this Easter and the beach inaccessible at high tide, but the views were great.
 The weather has left a lot of interesting dried trees to admire
I love the contrast of the moss and the bleached wood.


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