Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 37 Restaurants

While I love the food in Japan the elements of the cafe or Restaurant hold great appeal.

This Gyoza place had a machine that listed the dishes. You  bought a ticket and gave it in at the counter
From the loud greetings of "Irrashaimase" as you enter, to the picture menus, the efficient and polite and understanding staff to the food itself, it is all a great experience.

There are many 'chain' restaurants that serve only one type of food. Tonkatsu, ebi tendon, gyoza, etc Service is quick and efficient as all food is prepared the same (freshly) and in set bowls and plates. A speedy way to serve millions of people!
Tonkatsu restaurants are one of my favourite Fried crumbed Pork served with rice, salad, pickle and tea (usually all for $10) Sushi places abound even can find the 'sushi train'
the Chef at work in the tiny bar type shop
A fabulous Okonomiyaki (omelet sort of thing)
Some places look like they would be very expensive so one enters with some trepidation.
This one in Kyoto that Celia and tried ended up costing us $22 each, but what an atmosphere and a meal!
In a small street we spotted this one
Little Japanese or English passed between us but the universal message of 'What do you recommend " was a winner.

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