Friday, April 29, 2011

Individual Aireys

Some inspired beach art!
I met with the local Aireys Inlet Development association at a stall at the General Store. They are still working on preventing the establishment of a Supermarket down at the lower shops. This is entirely unnecessary from the local  perspective.
We have a good General store and Anglesea is only 12 minutes away As well the site of the Supermarket it is to be as big as the one at Anglesea, and has in its plans about 12 parking spots.
Not in keeping with the whole mood of Aireys which is quieter, less developed and lower key
Could be Haydens Rd in the 50's
The roads are very reminiscent of growing up in Beaumaris, unsealed dirt (or sand ) surface with a view of the sea!
The houses are of a variety; from our perfect place blending into the trees! to more basic designs There are a few like this. A shed type entrance and the living area all built on the platform above.
the basic style .All on treed blocks!
Some look like they were built in the 50’s and been the family holiday house for a few generations. I know there are some ‘illegal’ sheds but didn’t see one on the walk.
the Early fibro model
There are  a lot more architect inspired places around.
Some really in keeping with the setting some a bit more ‘modern’ and even out of place
this would be more at home in Footscray
But a man’s home is his castle and we can’t all like the same thjng!
Our piece of heaven

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