Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers' Day

Mothers' Day 2012 dawned (not that I was awake at dawn) cold and very wet, feeling pity and admiration for the devotees doing the Mothers' Day Classic run in the Park.
I decided to go the the Cheltenham Cemetery, and take some flowers to my mothers. 
It was pouring on the trip and I bought some flowers in a blustery gale that magically ceased as I got out of the car and I walked up to the graves in bright sunshine!
I was sure I knew where they were but had some doubts as I approached a tower of Italian monuments, not remembering them from my last visit, and was thinking it must be here somewhere and as I glanced down I was in front of dad's and Maddy's grave. I knew Mum's was over in the next row both visible together.
 So I left some flowers for them all (cleaning Damian's plaque that was filled with sand).
Mum , Mary
It was as I was driving home that I realized that though my mothers have gone, I still have mothers all around me who generously share their love and delight in their children with me.
Lynne and Bridie, mothers of Nick, Kate & Dylan 
Kathy, Mother of the Collie Kids!

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