Saturday, May 12, 2012

Presentation Night 2012

Saturday night was the annual end of year celebration and presentation night dinner.
Di did the decor as usual, but we had a simple theme of pink (red, Club colour)) and blue fish. We arrived at the club at 530 Friday night, to help set up and broke a record by being home by 730!!
The table set Up. Beach view shows a cold day!
Phillipa doing the entrance fish. Freehand!!
One of many designs
We had a smaller turnout than usual but still with the last minute responses going from 20 to 72 in a day!!
When I was in Africa I read an article in a flight magazine about the black clothes we all wear except  for the African women. 
Melbourne is renowned for its black garbed citizens, so I have made a point since coming home of never wearing black or gray without a bright colour. So I wore a black skirt and smoky pink sequined top and bright pink scarf; but looking around in the foyer as people gathered I was struggling to see any colour. That didn't mean it was a funereal affair!!
Some of the Volunteers
Janet Bolitho (Council) and Ross Kilborn (Yachting Vic and club member)
John Clayton, Sid Gladman (still taking trophies home!) Chris Boag
It was a great night as usual with some new winners as well as the usual suspects. Sid at over 70 is still winning!
Up and coming Naomi Kirkwood is doing us proud. Here winning the Geoff Graco event
Geoff Graco & Naomi Kirkwood
Cat Champion ( and National Taipan Champ ) Chris Boag and Commodore Jonh carrig
Chris, as Chairman of the sailing committee has been a great shot in the arm of getting more events to the club and supporting extra club activity, resulting in us holding the National Hobie Championship over New Year this coming summer.
It was my pleasure to Award the Annual Club member of the year to Ray Duncan a quiet worker who holds the Race Management team together! We always seem to surprise them. The look on his face was great!!
As I presented the Award, I don't have a pic of him and even on file he is elusive!
In This old pic he is in the pale blue shirt, Centre back
Simon Field received a special award for all his work on the Club maintenance , including the new storage area in the rooms and incorporating a bar over looking the water in what was a wasted spot.
Simon Field
 He amused us by describing how they used the old decking (red gum) for the Trophy bases this year,and when they needed some more he and Bernard pulled up the old ones in the visible places and replaced with new timbers. As he said if you don't like them they will burn well!
The New Bar. Barely had the last brace on before it was mobbed!
Storage under the Race Info board.

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