Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cape Town

Still working backwards, after Celia flew home to NY I went down to Capetown for the Bi Annual Congress of the World Association for Infant Mental Health. Megan(RCH) had booked an apartment for us and it was Fantastic!! In sight of the Venue so only a 2 minute walk.
The lounge 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms kitchen and washing machine!
I arrived on Monday night and the first event was the opening at 3pm next day, so I went off on a Hop on Hop off Bus tour to see some of the sights and get oriented.
I stopped off at the District Six Museum, an area of Cape Town infamous for the Apartheid government's decision to declare it a white area and move the 60,000 people who loved there to outside Cape Town and bulldoze the houses. This in 1968! Like having Brunswick gone!!
A seat from days of Apartheid
Streets no longer in existence
View down on to map of area 
Stopped off to see the Green Street markets and browse a very similar lot of stalls. Towering over the town from many angles is Table Mountain, and on the first morning there was a 'tablecloth" of cloud lying on top and over the edges.
Further on I walked through Bo Kaap (North Cape) an area of freed slaves housing that as a reaction to the drab clothing they had to wear all the houses are in very bright colours. Despite many warnings I felt very safe walking around, (never take risks though!)

On later days I went to the Art gallery of South Africa and was delighted to see there was a Centenary  Exhibition of Barbara Tyrell's drawings (she had turned 100 in March) Barbara Tyrrell is known internationally for her detailed costume studies of the traditional dress of the indigenous peoples of southern Africa.
Four rooms of her work as well as some exhibits of the clothing in her drawings.

Also an exhibition of Animals and art and this disquieting series called Butcher Boys.

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