Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The New Park

I was in at RCH today and remembered that the new Park had opened.
From the top of the hill...
When the new hospital was built and the old one demolished there was a government agreement with the local community that the land would revert to parkland. It is now a walking park and playground area unfenced form the hospital grounds and on a sunny day was full of kids, with parents arriving with picnics.
So I went on a  walk around the Grass Circle The playgrounds and the hill.The hill has been visible since demolition started and I expected it to be hauled away but it is now a grass covered hill with the main Royal Park behind
  The Park takes up the whole site of the old Nurses' home and the car park and I have included some directional views
View to Gatehouse St. These houses are directly opposite the site of  the old car park
Facing the other way to the new Wards area
New Hotel behind the Front entry Bld (L of pic)
Looking directly up from the site of the Nurses' home driveway
Similarly the Emergency Driveway
Path along Gatehouse St to North
The new park features more than 1,100 trees and 17,500 plants, shrubs and grasses. It includes open lawns, play equipment, walking paths and amenities such as seating, drink fountains, picnic tables and BBQs. Nature-based play spaces include a climbing forest, a rocky wall with slides, swings and water, and sand play elements – all designed to encourage children to interact with nature.
A shallow fountain (Not sure if it is movement activated)
One area of playground
A great climbing frame
Some great walking paths. Gatehouse St is behind the trees.
Lots of paths leading around 
And for the lost souls 

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