Monday, March 9, 2015


I haven't been to the Moomba parade since I was a student at RCH. My memory is of warm days and sunburnt neck!
Today was also perfect 24 degrees, sunny a little overcast so not hot!
The train in was packed, standing room only! And their mob then started walking along St Kilda road. When I went last, the parade travelled down Swanston St. to the Victoria Gardens, now it travels north from Dorcas St to Linlithgow Avenue. So I walked on down towards the shrine looking for a good vantage point. As did many others.

The Parade itself was rather disappointing from my memory. That was always a laugh at some of the 'home made' floats and the often political messages.
 This was a more professional job. The theme was obviously multiculturalism with all our community groups represented by a national emblem and loads of dancing girls and music. Seemed every dance group in the City was there. But it was interesting colourful and fun.

On the way back I was walking along the river to the bridge and to the station when i saw the River boat cruise for 30minutes. It was going downstream to the Bolte Bridge, as the waterskiing was going on upstream.
So considering such a beautiful day I hopped on.

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