Sunday, March 8, 2015

Liam's Wedding

Liam is the brother between our sets of twin god-daughters, and as close to us.
Celia and I were invited to the wedding and Celia flew home on Monday to attend and left today!
The wedding was in Drummond as they (and Fran) live near Daylesford or Trentham.
Pauline opened her own salon last week so we went there in the morning for a bit of indulgence.

Annemarie getting the favours ready 
Tara (she & Grant flew in from Virgin islands where they run a holiday charter boat) and Annemarie and Michelle dropped in as well (Pauline was bridesmaid so busy elsewhere.
So we started early but had a great run up and then some chill out time followed by lunch at the Farmers Arms whose menu is known area wide.
The wedding was at Mingela Homestead which you hire the space not an actual reception structure. We were (not entirely) amazed that Liam had made all of the furniture bower, bar, tables etc that we had outdoors.

The sun came out as the bride came down the aisle and we had a perfect setting for a moving ceremony Including a story of how Liam proposed, including staged instructions,  candles across a stream and a tent and picnic in the bush.
Liam and Megan met when Liam was doing cross country instruction.
Liam his best mate Tad and ?Megan's brother 

Lauren(Megan's sister) Michelle and Megan's brother 
Mr & Mrs Hartz
My Goddaughter and Bridesmaid Pauline.
While waiting for the wedding party to have photos done at the nearby Malmsbury Botanic Gardens, we hung out beside the Marquee enjoying the weather, the bar, the food and company. Set up were things to keep people busy including a Photo wall that Liam had built, with lots of props for pics! and bocce!
The photo wall and camera set up
he even made the barrel table 
The bar
The Reception was in the Marquee with 80 guests, it was a lovely intimate space with dance floor and band.
The cake with interlinked horseshoes and HARTZ as a theme 
The highlight of the reception was the Video! Forget the jazzed up wedding dance, when the time came to introduce the Bride and Groom a video started. At first it looked like its was to be a show of the photos but it started with them having a last photo then realising their driver had left. So started a chase /trip to get to the reception. Very funny and smoothly edited by Lauren. Seems Megan and Liam are kindred souls. Not many partners would be keen to chase across the countryside in a long white dress., or sit in a towel in a laundromat while their wet clothes (had to swim across the lake) were drying, but I gather it was her idea!

Look for it on Youtube sometime. It will go viral!!
Pauline, Fran & Michelle
We had a great time chatting to everyone, then after the bridal waltz, bouquet and garter toss we headed home. Celia snoozing briefly en route.

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