Sunday, March 1, 2015

125 Celebrations at PMYC

The build up to this over the last 6 months escalated in the last 4 weeks and caused me stress, sleepless nights and seething. On Friday morning I received a text from  a past Flag Officer (invited to a welcome reception before the BBQ) a man who still sails every week, asking me-
Firstly "Have i replied, and can my wife come?" then "Is it at PMYC or elsewhere "
I bluntly replied " Have you not been listening at any briefing all season!!! Downstairs 5pm!"
But as in all things planned at PMYC it went off brilliantly!!
It was a warm muggy day with a storm forecast that hit about 9pm, not causing any havoc, except the 71 knot winds had the Catamaran guys scarpering outside as a boat blew over. How many times are they told to tie them down? But no harm done
The force of the wind battered the roof, and with waves coming under part of the base of the club we could feel it thrumming under our feet! And rain drumming on the metal roof it was a bit deafening for a few minutes.
The racing went off well in a good breeze but they came in a bit earlier than planned , but all hung around the bar or sat out on the deck.
Sue Spicer did a great job scanning photos people had brought, and from about 430 all the past members rolled up. We had about 40 people at the Reception and Eddie from Rowlands was fantastic. He helped set up the trestles for the food and offered to bring up all the donated salads, where we had stored them in their kitchen. He stayed to help clean up and sort out their glasses and crockery from our (usually I get left doing this)
Upstairs we had an introduction of the Past Commodores and Life Members and each spoke briefly of their time at the Club. It took longer than planned but had lots of positive feedback later, people were interested in their anecdotes and they had many members approach them later. So just what I planned!
The guys organised the BBQ and I had nothing to do for a while.
After food the band started up (Geoff Rowden and Zac) Club members and we partied on till 1030.
My back and feet felt it, but worth the stress!

We focused activity upstairs 
though it looks like a crowd we had plenty of room
and it created a good atmosphere
Lots of reunions of past members 
While the new ones ate cake!
Sue, Bev and Marlene, long time members 
Colin and Myrtle were a popular appearance!
The band got people dancing
Today we have another 2 races then presentation.

Peter Bartels (Commodore)  Georgia (Women's Regatta winner) and Ray (Race management )
Some of the crowd waiting on results on Sunday 
Bernard and Julie (a sailing school grad) Won Division 2 

Michael and Greg

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Celia said...

A great read about a great celebration. well done!

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