Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Day

Christmas day dawned not too early and Celia and I had our traditional Santa’s stockings full of essentials of everyday life from Emery boards to great stationery items and soaps etc.

Celia gave me two beautiful bangles from St Croix in the Virgin Islands, traditional designs one with a gold shackle (screw fitting on a boat) and the other infinity symbol. They fit me beautifully as they open (my hands are too wide for normal bangles.)

The speaker at work!
She also gave me a ‘Speaker genius” a small battery operated gadget that you plug into the ipod and then the small speaker about size of 20 cent piece works when sitting on any hollow item Tissue box, jar, couch arm etc Magic!!!
I gave her a book called ONE a sort of philosophical and journal book She loves it!
We had an indulgent breakfast of French Toast and raspberries and a glass of champagne in our new kitchen.

Andrew’s swimming pool is at last finished and we went down for a swim and Spa after tea. The pool is amazing and gets lots of comments from passers by along Patterson River to which it backs. Andrew swims daily and the magnesium in the water has almost cured Nick's excema!

Looks like a resort!

The resort owners and dog! (With toy bunny)
Celia with Nick & Kate
Maddy's Ducks in festive mood
 Nick and Kate entertained us with a Saxophone performance; Nick especially is doing very well on his music. Also topped his Japanese he reminded me, as I promised to take him to Japan in early Year 10. Have it on the agenda for 2013

 However Christmas day afternoon was marred by an ENORMOUS HAIL STORM, It started just as we headed out from Footscray and we managed to take shelter under a bridge and waited out the hail. It was about ‘cool mint ‘ size but small compared to some around the State that was as big as oranges!!
We headed off as the hail eased but the rain was so heavy that along Footscray Road we couldn’t see the side of the road so again took shelter in a factory, The only shelter being under a reception awning!! But no one around to bother us!

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