Sunday, April 5, 2009

TV and plants

The holiday house at Aireys is a bit like a TV graveyard. the first TV we bought 2nd hand, turned out to need speakers that it did not have. We eventually arranged to get a replacement which lasted about 12 months and the tube went while some friends were staying. The latest one has the channels drifting, or disappearing altogether. So today I went to collect the TV from Maddy's to take down to Aireys on Friday.
While I was there I wanted to collect the planter that was at the front door as I realised last time I was home that it was a cast iron kettle used to cook mussels, in days of yore!
I also thought I would see what pots I might save and there in the back was this lovely pot with the Clivea in bloom. This was one of Maddy's favourite so it's lovely to have found it. I wouldn't have known what it was if it wasn't in bloom!

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