Saturday, May 16, 2009

Choral Marathon

Thursday night was Kate & Nicholas' school Music competition. It was held at Hamer Hall, (previously known as the concert hall) home to many a famous concert performance.
Nick 7th from from L front row.
The music Competition is a compulsory subject (if it was a feature of my school days I would have been told to mime, or at least have a crib sheet), SO it was massed voices and school Houses were competing against each other from the whole of St Leonard's . Where Nick & Kate go is a smaller school down at Patterson Lakes with the main campus in Brighton. In past years Cornish Campus (being smaller and younger) were allowed to perform but not compete. Two years ago they entered as a whole school against the other Houses and won! Followed by what sounds like a lots of rules based on the ideology of Sour Grapes!
This year we (an unbiased group) were rating Cornish Campus or Munro as the best. Well Munro won and Cornish were second as well as winning some individual things and best conducting. They also had student accompanist that some houses didn't.
Kate 4th from L front row
Cornish's music piece was The flight of the bumble bee, really well done.

It was all really good but Oh so long!! 30 pieces in all ending with a parent band playing and singing "It's along way to the top" Their fantasies realised!
I am sure the kids slept on the way home, and Lynne as well, as she had been up most of the day after working Wednesday night!

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Celia said...

Found them both.
Sounds like it was long but fun.micing

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