Presentation Night

It has been many years since I have not been embroiled in all the preparations for the Yacht Club presentation night. This year all I did was fold about 50 paper cranes and help for 4 hours in getting the decor set up. No tables, no late comers, no catering , no volunteer gifts, no wine estimates, just turning up in my black dress (old favourite) and new red shoes!
2007 Jelly fish (a hazard as we sail) was very popular but this year's theme is based on the Wave, so we had Origami cranes as decoration, inspired by Di and executed by the usual suspects!
All her contribution over the years was acknowledged as last night Di Leighfield won the Phil Jacquemin Award, Club Member of the Year! She looked gobsmacked! The night was a great bash as usual, a balmy 14 degree evening meant a wind-less stroll on the decking was possible. The light shining on the water always looked good. This year there were dozens of seagulls after the moths etc. attracted there; they floated around in between snacks!
The decoration created a hanging screen as you enter the club and we had table pieces as well as activity for the non sailors this time Origami, of a bird that we had not been able to work out. It kept them busy and we did get 4 finished ones as well as decorated tables. Lots of prizes donated by the CFA (Amber's boss!)and a linen company whose owners are members.

The band was The Good Old Boys who had played at Di's 50th They kept everyone dancing! Left about 1am without doing all the clearing up that used to keep me till 2am!!


Celia said…
Looks fabulous.I hadn't realised what wave you were talking about until I saw the poster and hence the origami cranes! Duh!
Good to know that you can get to the functions and not have to do all that work.