Sunday, May 17, 2009

Di's Salon

With sailing over I was thinking about what I would do over the winter. Usually Spring comes around and I have not done anything in particular. So I decided I might get into my knitting, and had a search on the web for knitting activity; I found a shop in Albert Park called Wool Baa which has a few things going on. the following week I had an email from Di inviting me to her Salon 1 in her new studio and the craft was "knitting"!
It was a small gathering around her wonderful long table, and I got back into my jumper that had stalled. I had finished the sleeve following the decreasing and found it was only to my elbow, so I had unpicked it and done no more in 18months. . Just 3/4 of a sleeve to go. That's the purple in the foreground.
There were four of us and next month we may do more of the same, or as a new craft I was thinking of embroidery that I had done at school, or ribbon embroidery that always looks good on baby blankets etc.

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Celia said...

Great to see you have gotten back into the knitting and the blog!

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