Saturday, May 23, 2009

Paul Kelly Concert

I had a great time on Friday seeing PAUL KELLY at the Palais in St Kilda. He was just performing the one night and the concert was almost booked out. He came on at 920 and went through till 1130, so a great evening.
He sang all my favourites, but except for the song for How to make Gravy had almost no talk just one song after another. He sang all my favourites, If I could start today again, Leaps & Bounds, When I met your ma ,To her door, Before too long etc and one I didn't know, They thought I was asleep.

The Palais is a great building; and with the previous owners lease expiring and talk of it being closed I don't quite know how it is still having shows. Last night was Gurrumul, but I didn't book two shows in a row!

Interiors and exteriors are inspired by Moorish architecture with twin dome towers, a theme shared by many surrounding buildings in the suburb, including Luna Park, the St Kilda Pavilion, St Kilda Baths. The exteriors also feature faux Egyptian elements, whilst the interiors also include Baroque inspired elements.

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