Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A new route

After months of walking a varied but same route to and from work I sought out some variety on the morning trek.
From a friend’s suggestion I found a footbridge over the Kensington Rail lines, but found this was actually 5+ minutes shorter than my previous route. However I use this way if I want a quicker return to the car.
What I now do is walk north along the street adjacent (raised) to the line then cross at Macauley Road crossing. This is a single lane road connecting traffic from Geelong road to access to the city via Kings way and is busy in the morning. However it has TWO rail crossings, Kensington & Macaulay Stations and like yesterday may have 3 trains within 10 minutes so the traffic queue is loooong! Why anyone would go this way is beyond me! I tried it driving 15 years ago and quickly gave up. It is also the bus route from Footscray and the scheduled time of a trip of 20 minutes is a ludicrous piece of fiction at that hour! I have got caught by trains usually every second day but usually only at one line. With the Ipod playing the sudden clanging of the bells had me jumping as I approached today.
So my walk takes me along streets full of charming Victorian and Edwardian houses, as well as the industrial strip of Macauley Road. I noticed from the other side of the road a plaque in front of a factory, and yesterday went over to read it. It commemorates the death of two fighter pilots of a bomber that crashed in 1943 on a demo flight.
I have a small but steady climb up Canning Street, then down another small street of lovely houses and gardens beside another park, then out onto Flemington Road.
All in all it’s about 35 minutes; a change and 5 minutes more exercise each way.

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Celia said...

Keep up the good walking! Sounds very pleasant and less stress.

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