Friday, May 29, 2009

Thoughts on work

With the end of the financial year looming I have to decide on my plan to reduce my hours. Originally I was deferring this to the end of the year, but I feel I can manage cutting down to 4 days a week now. I have a meeting with my boss on June 4th (been booked up for 3 months, so hope he's not whipped off to visit NSW; he's a big honcho in Paediatric examiners) to talk about this and get the OK to have someone work the one day. Although the funds are there the money saving establishment may feel they can get by on 4 days only.
My clinic with difficult feeding is going well. This is my cat with a open mouth or licking his lips as he rolls by.
I had some Prem (28wk) twins this week one of which is a very poor feeder.They are now 6 months and 3 corrected and the boy is doing very well but the girls is struggling It was lovely being with parents that were so psychologically minded, and aware of what the experience of it all may have had for the babies. They describe how the babies won't go to sleep alone, and had 2 beautiful photos. One of the big boy asleep on his back with his arm out to the head of his sister, who was holding his hand and looking at him. The other was of them asleep, swaddled up and she was spooned at his back her head against his shoulder, the bedroom lamp just skimming light across their cheeks. Photo competition material!!
I have met with my friend Anne who has a consulting room and will spend July getting organised and then start seeing private referrals on a Friday, in Balwyn 5 minutes off the Eastern freeway, among the monied masses!
Anne describes how some private health funds have 'discretionary rebate' which parents may use with agencies logged with them, so will follow that up.
As an aside I was thinking again about private health insurance, and realised there is a 2% surcharge on fees, 2% for every year you don't join after 31. That would be 60% increase with a maximum of 70%. How could it be worth it???? I better stay as well as I am!

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