Saturday, June 6, 2009

Winter retreat

Queen's birthday weekend is the last public holiday till November so always welcomed. I am down to Aireys with Spencer and also Sponty, minding him while Wendy is in northern Australia for 2 months . He was looking a bit shaggy so I had Lisa cut him this afternoon. I met Lisa as I walked back with the papers and Spencer (who was off the lead) raced over to say hello, and when I asked her if she was working this weekend she said "Sponty, right?" Impressive memory! Currently we are warming ourselves around the fire as it is only 12 degrees and chilly but a weak sun. My plan for the weekend is to get into the changes to my thesis (again) and work on the proposal about a feeding admission program at Tweddle that has been approved by RCH as a partnership project.
The grounds are green with young grass (read weeds!) and the plants I put in in April are still surviving. Needs a bit of spring warmth to take off I think.
Had a major haircut last week. I have always had some grey hairs since I hit 50, but hardly worth searching for, then since late last year I have had a rush of grey! so I have been growing out the colour and letting my brunette show through, I have had some light colour foils done to help gradually let the colours come without the 'roots' look. I must admit it still does not look grey, but it really is there!
While I was away Thang finished painting the front fence. We had done the post last week and now it is all done Even has the French navy blue and white house number on (not in pic)
The mild weather has taken a down turn and we have a top tomorrow of 11 overnight 1. Now that is cold in Melbourne. The snow bunnies are ecstatic!

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