Friday, April 3, 2009

Amazing what a bit of rain will do!

As I write this Melbourne is being deluged with rain, thunder and lightening! A whopper storm. This photo was at 11am!
Summer is over ( yesterday's maximum of 32.8 degrees made it the hottest April day since 2005, and one of the warmest April nights- 23 at 3am.) and we are in for a mild ‘high teens’ week ahead.

The changes with rain are noticeable as I walk to work. The contrast in the park grass can be seen here.

I went to the Garden Show yesterday (pity poor suckers there today!) and as the last time I went, it was really hot! I trudged around for a few hours but had to quit. Saw lots of garden design and features to inspire garden renovation at Aireys. There was a lot about sustainability and one garden made from all recycled products including a wall of wine bottles in a frame! I didn’t believe her when she said they had to drink all the wine to set it up, but maybe a project we can undertake!

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