Monday, August 24, 2015

Annemarie Shower Tea

Celia's god daughter Annemarie, was over from Hobart for her and Tara's 31st birthdays (Tara was visiting from Virgin islands) so Tara organised a surprise Shower Tea in Daylesford.
So we drove up  Sunday afternoon on what was glorious sunny still day.
The Boat house on Daylesford LAke 

We caught up with Tara Annemarie, Michelle & Pauline Fran, Robyn, Reva and Judy As well as some of Michael's (Annemarie's husband) family.
Annemarie is due in November and is very well.  Doesn't know the baby's sex (and doesn't want to yet)  
Annemarie (hates having her photo done) 
Fran Reva and celia 
The crowd 
Annemarie came to visit on Monday to see the new place and chat about the birth etc. The baby is due in November but they will be over at Christmas so will see the family then!

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