Thursday, August 6, 2015

Outing with Dylan

While Celia was home we went with Bridie and Dylan to the Science Works Museum in Spotswood. As did thousands of others!!
View of West Gate Bridge
The queue never shortened (actually longer when we left) but once inside it was OK
Lesson 1. Never go anywhere on school holidays
Lesson 2  Never expect to be on a long visit
Lesson 3 Toddlers have attention span of a gnat
But expect a great entertaining time!
hHe raced form one thing to the next and we trailed after him
Driving the crane in the shipping area 
Bridie helping him with the Scope
And after we went to the playground opposite the Yarraville Clare Crt Childrens' Centre where I used to work
Then and  lunch in a good cafe where Dylan showed off his excellent table manner sand restaurant behaviour. (That's a serious positive comment)

Near the Cafe 

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