Sunday, September 13, 2015

What a difference a weekend makes!

The final arrival of spring weather brought gardeners out in their droves!
I had the piles of stones removed from the garden beds sitting their since last summer but finally decided on what to do  with them.

So I spent Saturday shovelling stones into the corner and replanting the succulents I had acquired over the year.
I had also bought 2 garden beds and assembled one last summer,  but not filled it as I didn't want to have to move it filled with soil. So I went to assemble the 2nd one and found they had not included the screws and bolts required.
I was suffering a chest infection ? bronchitis, so spent Saturday in bed, but feeling fine in Sunday so got some screws that worked, as well as bought some soil and plants.
I wanted to have vegies in the beds and herbs in pots as well as a Trixie (mini) nectarine tree like we had at Footscray. I want to fill the garden bed so bought some Japanese Wind Flower, some Cosmos and some nasturtiums.
I also bought some Sugar cane mulch.  
Happy with the result, and they should all be established before I go away at end of month 
The far corner by the back door.
The two beds set at accessible angles. In the bed at back are roses
You can see the fruit tree in the pot 
Some replanted and new herbs  Basil, Rosemary, Coriander, Mint,
Sage  Thyme and in the Blue pot Strawberries
The unknown tree is just getting leaves
but moved the two pots to the back and hung some pansies
The mulched beds and Cecil Brunner Rose in pot.

The Long View.

The back of the veggie bed has snap peas, so they should grow up and partly cover the water tank, as will the fruit tree

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sue catmint said...

I'm one of the droves! The warmer weather is such a relief, although I fear soon we will miss cold and wet. I love your corner, Michelle, beautifully arranged and I love the Japanese ornaments. The stones look great there, and I also love the curved shape. It must be very rewarding working in a pediatric setting.

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