Sunday, October 6, 2013

A happy Surprise

Last  week I was doing some more weeding and in the process realised that the happy wanderer on the fence was dead in a lot of places.
So I started pulling it off the fence.
In the process I dislodged a bird's nest that I ignored for a bit, but when I went to collect it, found 2 baby birds in it barely out of the egg!
Not the actual birds but the developmental stage 
No way was I feeding them chewed up worms or whatever Mama does (not sure what sort of bird they were) so I left them and moved the nest to the planter on the Pom Pom tree just off the back deck, felt bad for them but hoped Mama would find them
Imagine my surprise when I was cleaning the yard of Spencer's droppings, that I thought I should remove the bodies, and what did I find?!!!
All covered in feathers!
I went and took a photo, then I thought I would photograph the denuded plant and on the way back inside, there is Mama doing her thing!!

A Thrush!

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