Friday, October 4, 2013


 A month ago I gave Dylan a rake when they moved into the new house. This was such a success that i decided to get him some more. So I got a shovel, broom and a wheel barrow for his birthday.
And I gave then to him yesterday.
I had  planned to assemble the wheelbarrow before I took it to his (cancelled) party, but after 45 minutes gave up It is definitely a 2 person job in the first stages.
So I took it over yesterday and gave him the shovel and broom in the morning (swept all the leaves off the deck and shovelled them (not over the rail as I suggested but in behind the BBQ!)
I got the barrow out of the car after we went for a walk (when the haircut pic was taken)  and said we would get Daddy to do it when he got home.
As soon as Sean arrived Dylan showed him the barrow, Sean got his toolbox, then Dylan went off to his bedroom and arrived with his tool box, and helped hammer the bolt in.
His tool,box at the ready 

Already has the part for Dad

Soem last minute adjustments
Testing it out 
Up and away 
 As I was leaving Bridie said " Oh Thanks Mich!"
He was in the bedroom and from his stack of shelf/drawers of small toys had emptied them all into the barrow!!

On the shelf in the dining area Bridie had this.  A present from Cresten
The most beautiful Ark I have ever seen! Dylan calls it a house not a boat 

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