Thursday, August 5, 2010

The WAIMH Conference

This biannual conference is a good excuse to travel the globe. Last time Japan, prior to that, Paris Melbourne, Amsterdam, Finland. Next stop South Africa.
I flew to Frankfurt and then got the train to Leipzig about 4hrs. The train left from the Airport so didn't have to go into the city. Arrived at the huge railway station and easily found my hotel at its western exit.
The Conference venue was 20minutes away and the idea of having to get there was daunting. But there were trams at the door (immediately outside the station) leaving every 10minutes and we had FREE travel with our conference ID.
Not a thing to happen here!!!

The Conference venue was enormous but very well designed and we had little problems with rooms or access and especially we had quick meal service. Always a horror at conferences You can spend the whole meal break lining up!
The opening ceremony was naturally music based, and a children's music school led us through the years of learning music. The little ones were gorgeous but the musicians really good. A great start.
I enjoyed the conference program this year I think because I chose papers only directly related to my work, and consequently got more out of it. Even if it was just to know we do it better!!
My two posters went down well. They were all up in a big area and I was there for 1.5hrs at lunch time, and spent most of the time talking about the posters. Especially the one on Intervention with a clingy toddler. Lots of compliments on its easy of reading and design. (Thanks E.R.C.!!)
Also caught up with Tarryn, a social worker from Melb who went to UK three years ago, and works at Great Ormond Street.

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