Thursday, August 5, 2010


This was the first time I have been to East Germany, and when backpacking in 1974 we only went to Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin. I remember it was cold dark and raining, so not really impressive.This was the World Infant Mental Health Conference and held in Leipzig home of Bach. I must admit I was expecting a dull and depressed look but it is beautiful; there are run down buildings , albeit now being renovated, but the city itself is fabulous
The city is also the home of the Nikolaikirche (Church of St Nicholas) - the starting point of peaceful demonstrations against the communist regime which led to German Unification. The collapse of communism hit Leipzig's economy very heavily, but it is now on the mend.
The church where Bach worked for most of his life hosts a museum to the greatest German composer of all times. We had a concert in the Bach Church as part of the conference events Really lovely.
Leipzig's Old Town Hall was built in 1556 in the Renaissance style and remains one of Germany's largest. Located on the main square of the city, (I imagine it would be more lovely when the construction is finished!) it is a good orientation point. The Old City Hall was built 1556 by Hieronymus Lotter : It is a beautiful Renaissance style building, 90 meters long with arcades , six gables and a tower. Until 1904 the Old City Hall was home of the city administration. Then it became home of the city museum. Most impressive is the huge Banqueting Hall with Renaissance interior .

I was in Leipzig as Germany was moving through the World Cup heats, and the noise as each victory came was a regular event in the late afternoon!

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