Sunday, January 31, 2016

Conference Travels

My first overseas conference was with Brigid Jordan when we presented a paper on our Irritable Infant Research Project
We presented at the IACAPAP conference in San Francisco (international Assoc Child and Adol Psychiatrists and Allied Professionals)
It was quite exciting and Brigid was a great introducer to the vagaries of Overseas events.
That main thing we remember of this conference was that the Chair let the preceding speaker go 15minutes overtime and then said we had 10 minutes instead of 30!! Well Brigid was not going to stand for that!
Lesson 1 As a Chair keeping speakers to time is essential.
We also received a bill under our door on Day 2 which I said, they are sending it early. B said No they are expecting us to checkout! But she had all the booking docs with her and sorted them out!
Lesson 2 take a record of your bookings with you!!
I then started attending the WAIMH (Infant Mental Health Conferences) that are held every 2nd year on even years.
My first was to Tampere in Finland and I do a side trip to Russia
Tampere is a Uni Town
GUM dept Store Moscow
Then I missed the Montreal  one, and previous ones were in-
Cascals Portugal, (1st in 1980) Cannes France, Stockholm Sweden, Lugano Switzerland, Chicago USA, Tampere Finland 1996 and Montreal Canada 2000
After Finland I went to 
Amsterdam 2002 (Then on to Italy for Celia's 50th birthday )

Then as a major departure from Northern Hemisphere we had the 2004 one in Melbourne. I was National President at the time so very exciting.
We  had lunch in the Uni  gardens 
The big difference I discovered on International conferences is that they don't include meals, (and finding somewhere to eat can be an issue!)
Needless to say Delegates in Melbourne were overwhelmed by our catering by Mary and Steve !!
Then it was to Paris when Celia came to join me and we travelled around to Lyon and Paris.

Next one was while I was living in Japan so at Yokohama 2008
Leipzig Germany was 2010 when I did a side trip to  Dresden, Berlin  and Prague.
trams in Leipzig
Church for a beethoven concert
Checkpoint Charlie In Berlin
The Berlin Wall
The Holocaust Monument
Muchas design in Prague 
Cape Town 2012 was the year we went to Botswana as well A great trip.

The Okavanga Delta. A Highlight!
We sat for ages watching elephants!
2014 saw us in Scotland at Edinburgh and Celia again joining me for Scotland touring.

This year it was to be  Telaviv in Israel, but the conveners decided that it was not safe, so the Israeli and Palestinian Assoc are hosting it in Prague in June.
I am planning a visit to Budapest and a tour of Romania


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Cecilia Meehan said...

Wow great summary of all those travels. :)

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