Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Australia Day

As it was such a superb day weather wise I decided to join Altona crowd at Logan Reserve and the Esplanade
Logan reserve opposite the pier has some huge Moreton Bay Figs  and Norfolk Pines so is ideal for family activities and music stages.
Along the shore was the end of a Kids Triathlon run by the WSTC (took me a while to realise it stood for Triathlon Club (never knew there was such a thing! ) The Surf Life Saving club was involved as well.
Bikes all racked at the ready 
Had a coffee at a cafe mentioned on their (Altona Traders) Facebook page while I watched the activity on the beach.
It was so strong I asked for some extra milk, but it was still this colour. Good thing it was my only one and earlyish in  the day!!
Walked on through the market (usual Tuesday), but not been to it since I started working on a Tuesday, bought 2 new cushion covers.
Came home after  a long walk along the beach and area.
The end of the run
As well as  several music stages there was vintage car show.

Food stalls abounded
Great picnic area 
When S.T. Gill painted this homestead on the shores of Port Phillip Bay in the 1870s it was a collection of bluestone buildings, shaded by casuarinas, sitting in a kitchen garden among the dunes and with a small lagoon out front.
The original 1857 homestead, built by Alfred and Sarah Langhorne, was sold and renovated in the early 20th century, giving it lovely Edwardian features such as stained glass windows. Today, Altona Homestead is set up as a museum and the Photo exhibition this month was of the Altona Toyota Factory now closing. 
fascinating early days !
Beautiful gown!!

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Cecilia Meehan said...

Looks like a lovely time and a bit of a coffee kick too :)

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