Monday, January 18, 2016

Stony Creek Walk

Sunday was looking for a walk in a new area for myself and Spencer
So decided to follow some of Stony Creek as I know it from next to the Child Care Centre in Court ST Yarraville

I started at the park area near Frances Street and walked along the creek as far as Somerville Road through Cruikshank Park.
Stony Creek flows through the inner western suburbs of  Sunshine, Tottenham, West Footscray and Yarraville. Much of Stony Creek is highly modified and the surrounding catchment is mostly urban and industrialised. Natural reaches exist along some of the parks and reserves.
The Stony Creek Backwash is the area under Westgate bridge and marks the end of a journey at the Yarra.
Backwash Creek Under WestGate 
The Walk was warm but under lost of trees. Met lots of dog walkers  as some was an off leash Park. I don't trust Spencer off lead unless it is actually enclosed, so he was happy to trot along.
Unfortunately he now tends to wander back and forth in front of me, so need to be ever vigilant!!
Weeping Eucalyptus

path beside the creek
replanting underway

Lovely track
The end at Somerville Road
The Willows
The walk was under willows as well as weeping gums and the creek was flowing 
A lovely morning!
The Dinosaur Park Where we took Dylan

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Cecilia Meehan said...

Looks lovely and not too big a hike either :) or was it?

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