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Travels the '80s

After finishing my studies and started working in Aboriginal Health in Swan Hill, (1977 )at Prince Henry's Paediatric Unit and then at Ethel Nilsen day Nursery(1980-84) I did lots of local trips Walks in different areas; Tasmania 1989 ( we went by Ferry and car fortunately as the Air Traffic Controllers strike started as we arrived So Tasmania was cut off). I traveled interstate with Archery Championships,  and will do separate summary of Australia
But the first of overseas travel was in 1982 when I went to CHINA on a tour.
China was still very small tourist country and we were a novelty, gawked at wherever we went and I can't imagine it smoggy and modern!
The highlights of the trip was The Great Wall, X'ian, and the Li river.
One of the older women on the trip arrived with a really bad chest infection. By the end of the trip we had all been ill. I was really sick on the day we went to the Wall, and my memory is also of wheezing and feeling as if I had been run over by a truck, as I struggled along. When I go home I got sick again in middle of an Archery competition with Pleurisy!
The Terracotta warriors exhibit was being developed
We walked along the edges of the pits.
It was amazing to think that these had only been discovered in 1974 (less than 10 yrs ago) 1.6 k east of the Qin Emperor's tomb mound by a farmer digging a well.
The trip along the River with stunning Karst Mountains was reminiscent of old Chinese paintings
My next overseas trip was to PERU in 1986 with Sharan who was a friend of one of the archery team. She mentioned she was keen to go so I hoped it would work out.  She was good company!
We went on a tour run by an english company and we were the only non (UK) English. But our guide was a Dutch woman from Peru who was every knowledgeable and kept us organised.
We flew into Santiago after a plane cancellation and were on standby. The plane was due to leave for Lima  in 15mins but people were still rocking up and arguing about the hand luggage they could take. More than we had checked!  We checked a few time start they hadn't forgotten us, but that was the start of Latin America time!
South America was an eye opener So colourful and HUGE scenery.
The markets were colourful and the local women's dress so varied 
Loved the bowlers!
The Incan History wa fascinating and Just after the trip saw the movie The Mission, and education about the Spaniards invasion.
Oyantaytambo door 

the scale of size and age was stunning.
Machu Pichu 
We travelled to Machu Pichu by train and our guside said when we arrived we should move fast to get the first buses up the mountain. So we did , but so did everyone else and I have never been in such a crush!! The force of people pushing broke the glass doors!
What a sight it was Amazing discovery as well as the degree of maintenance and mystery of its history.
The other great places we went were Nazca and to Bolivia and Lake Titicaca
We spent 2 hours on the lake and covered a tiny corner of it 
The floating islands on the Lake were amazing 
The Lines in the Nazca desert were fascinating
I bought a lovely enamel brooch in a Hummingbird design.
 Sharon and I were the only Aussies on the trip and the only ones to need a Visa.  But we bought one for Peru and bone for Bolivia as instructed. When we were flying back from Bolivia (crossed by bus)  and as we were landing in Lima I said to Sharon "Does our Visa still work coming in twice?'
The answer was No. We just stayed looking dumb with the immigration until the Guide returned looking for us. She talked for a bit then gave him money.
Advised them to suggest 2 Visas next time .
I also brought and carved gourd back and it had been in  a packed bag we left at the hotel in lima and I forgot what was in it. So when we got to customs in Melbourne I got the 3rd degree from the agent and Sharon and I were the last out -Maddy was waiting with Sharon's mum (having discovered they ere waiting for same flight) I know tick yes in anything to declare.
He gave me the gourd!
In 1988 I did a trip to the red Centre and a Trips to Tijikala (Aboriginal Community with SWIRL (Future Aussie Blog entry)
Then in 1988 I did another  trip to JAPAN with Celia her first trip to Japan and the first time we had travelled together.
Matsumoto Castle "Now this is Japan" Celia said.
We had a Rail Pass and my burgeoning Japanese did us well. We travelled north and south taking in out of the way places
Shirakawago in the Hida Mountains 
Walked from the Post towns of Tsumago to Magome on old Nakasendo Road 
We also discover that the weather reports saying it rains in June Meant exactly that! The start of the monsoons season, It starts on June 1 and doesn't stop!
We got DROWNED stopping off in Himeji, the castle described "like a white egret against an azure sky" Couldn't see it until we were at the door, in the rain and mist.
We also found lots of Japanese baths as well as our first SERVAS experience staying with lovely couple in Sendai. Mariko and Atsushi He was aTV show host and she was a real estate agent
On our return we became Servas hosts The start of a great experience

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Great entry- SWIRL was 1998 as I didn't go to AVPS until 1995.

Gosh lots of travel in the "80's. Love the photos are they scanned or "researched"?

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