Sunday, January 10, 2016

An Arty Day

I caught up with Sue Morris (home briefly for Annie Stafford's funeral ) and with Julia we went to meatballs in Flinders Lane; A great lunch and good to catch up.
I had seen photos of this but did not realise it was in Julia's apartment block.
7 trees are suspended over the courtyard 
At base of the green wall are pools 
Garden mural along the sides.
Many apartments look out to this 
The concept for this totally synthetic landscape arose as whimsical response to a set of restrictive functional issues. 
Seven suspended artificial trees were conceived as an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ response to the need for a visual buffer between the apartments which frame the courtyard. Each tree’s position is carefully considered to provide interest for the residents on each floor. 
Looks Great!!
 As I was in early (bus schedule controlling activity) I dropped in to the NGV Australia at Fed Square (over the road form Julia on Flinders street ) and saw 3  exhibitions (briefly; they warranted more time).

One was the RIG DESIGN PRiZE 2015

The other PLEASURE AND REALITY slightly weird but really interesting.

Then on to the artists of Hermannsburg Potters and a collection of pots honouring the Aboriginal Football player and the enthusiasm of the sport in NT
OUR LAND IS ALIVE was a display of the commissioned pots as well as relevant video clips of footballers. Then kids could make their own pots at the back.

Renowned indigenous artists, Hermannsburg Potters from the Northern Territory created football-inspired terracotta pots.

The potters, who recently celebrated 25 years of producing their highly collectible ceramics, have depicted iconic football moments of Indigenous players past and present, including the celebrated image of Nicky Winmar lifting his shirt and proudly pointing to the colour of his skin in 1993, to match-defining moments such as Hawthorn’s Cyril Rioli taking a mark in the 2014 Grand Final.
then next door were exhibits of the Hermannsburg artists starting with Albert Namitjira
Glorious pottery
Beaver Lennon. Gawla Ranges in Autumn
The White Divide
Skateboards Claudia Moonoonuthi  360 Flip on Country

Possum Skin Cloak: Blackfella Road  
Close up. Made of barbed wire and rusted Corrugated iron
Artist is Lorraine Connelly-Northey

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Cecilia Meehan said...

Looks like a great day=-great exhibition and a "chat and chew". Good to see that intellectual goal being developed. :))

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