Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Bush walk in Inner Altona

After a disappointing visit to the city for White Night (nothing illuminated around Fed Sq or FLinders St: 930pm) so would have to join the mob struggling up Swanston st
all along SouthBank animals of the Asian Years 
The only lights on the Art centre. I gather there were more but hours later 
Fed Square
Even getting back on the trains was a struggle. No access to the rear of platforms (over the foot bridge, not sure why wasn't too crowded exiting) so walked around to Fed square (nothing happening but some colours on the Wall) but when I got over the road and fought my way into the station entrance that was all for exiting passengers.
So had to go out and fight my way up to the Tabaret entrance, That then led us down stairs,along a platform then down to the Degrave subway entrances!
I was leaving with about 200 people all with a similar moan of a wasted time.
There was  a more spread out event this year, but you still had to get to the area. Crowds are not my scene, (and it's not may age!) Managed it last year but "well been there seen that"!
The Creek 
So today I took Spencer on a trek from off Blackshaws Road along Kororoit Creek to Barnes Road, then back. The Creek runs into Cherry Lake,down Miller Rd in Altona.
Short bursts of bush walking looking areas  as well as some trees and creek scenes in a mild 20degrees.
Lots of cut rushes loaded on the banks.
Even a picnic table 

The Path

A nice spot for a rest

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Cecilia Meehan said...

Were the crowds as bad as those at the Fire Festival? Nice shots especially the one of the sign and the two figures. The walk track looks like you were out in the bush not in the city :)

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